I’m so excited to reveal the Prince of Shadows cover! Y’all have been amazing. I know it’s been kind of a wild ride with the publishing dates changing (that YA edition was such an exciting time, right?!), and I can’t thank y’all enough for sticking with me and expressing your excitement for the continuation of this series. I’m beyond excited to bring you more of Noc and Leena, with an emphasis on Noc’s backstory. He was the inspiration for this series to begin with, and it’s high time we learn more about his past!

Prince of Shadows cover and copy

So, without further ado, here’s the cover and the approved back cover copy!

Prince of Shadows cover

Cover courtesy of Sourcebooks Casablanca

I will fight for her

For us

Until I have nothing left to give.

Noc, leader of the assassins of Cruor, is living on borrowed time. If he fails to kill his final mark, his own life will be forfeit. To make matters worse, his true identity as the former Frozen Prince has fallen into the hands of his enemies…putting the lives of everyone he loves in more danger than ever. With the dark magic of Cruror’s Oath testing his control and ancient enemies hounding his footsteps, Noc has to fight with everything he is to keep the woman he can’t live without safe.

Leena is finally coming into her own as a powerful beast charmer and she would do anything to help Noc overcome his dark oath. So when she hears of a beast rumored to have the power needed to save Noc’s life, she is quick to embark on an expedition to the frozen north. But what starts as a hunt for a magical beast quickly turns Leena and her trusted band of assassins into prey…and time is running out.

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