Hi, all! So I’m always on the lookout for more paranormal and/or fantasy romance titles (okay, basically anything with kissing and magic), so when I found out about Megan Starks‘ debut novel, House of Ash & Brimstone, I knew I had to give it a shot! This book is definitely on my to-be-read list. I mean, just check out the blurb:

Love Like Hell

Hell has come to collect…
…but Gisele Walker has no plans to pay the debt.

As a half-demon paranormal bounty hunter, Gisele is used to flirting with death, but stealing a curio and opening a portal to Hell’s demon court is more than your average day job.

House of Ash & BrimstoneNow, she’s partnered with an infuriatingly handsome demon, Shade, who has more levels of grey than she can count.

Who can she trust to help save the city as Baltimore burns to the ground and ghouls roam the streets?

With a white-hot attraction burning between them and secrets blocking their path, Gisele must face her past and venture into the twisted heart of the demon royal court.

But with no memory of her past…
…will she be able to save their future?

If you like Ilona Andrews, Kim Harrison, Nalini Singh, Karen Marie Moning, Michael Anderle, K. F. Breene, or Shayne Silvers, you’ll walk comfortably inside the pages of this paranormal fantasy world.

Not to mention, the comparison authors? Ilona Andrews’ Kat Daniels series is a favorite of mine, so if Starks’ work is anything like that, then I know I’m in for a royal treat! Fortunately, House of Ash & Brimstone is out now.

What other upcoming or recently released paranormal/fantasy romance reads are on your list? Share them with me in the comments below! I’m always looking to expand my library.

Feature image by Mariana Vusiatytska on Unsplash