The title pretty much says it all. I’m not planning on posting every time I get a rejection, just every now and then to remind myself (and others) that we have to go through so many versions of “no” before getting the elusive “yes.”

I wish I could take my own advice. I’m not the best at handling rejection from literary agents (might have something to do with my perfectionist attitude).

I can’t imagine what it will be like to reach the 100-rejection mark. I am not sure how I will keep pushing forward if it gets to that point. As it stands right now, I’ve been rejected by a handful, received no inquiries for additional materials and haven’t heard anything from the vast majority of the agents I’ve queried. I know it’s a waiting game, but as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not exactly the patient type. If my hair wasn’t up in a bun today, I’d have several strands wrapped tightly around my finger. Yikes. Baldness, here I come!

That aside, I’m really focusing on this upcoming Twitter pitch fest. Diving into another facet of writing really helps me block out the negativity and focus on the potential in front of me. I should have been looking into contests like this long ago – probably would have saved me some hair.

I’m up to 26 Twitter pitches (I can only have 24 – 2 per hour for a 12 hour time span). At this point, I’m going to let it sit for a bit, then come back to it and wean out the weak ones. I’m so meticulous about this I’ll probably even lay out a schedule within the document, designating which tweets go out at what time, how much time between, which ones are the best and when to send out the best ones for the most potential agent attention…Yup, you’ve got a perfectionist in the house. I over analyze EVERYTHING. And then immediately doubt every decision (a really bad habit, I know). But honestly, I can’t help it. There’s something so bleak to me about a life without a published novel. My writing is everything, my goal is to push forward and show the world that I can write. I’m not looking for fame – I just want to walk into a Barnes & Noble and see my book on a shelf.

Sometimes, I wish I was as lackadaisical about the whole thing as Strongbad. Then again, I’m not writing a children’s book, so there’s that.

Happy writing!