Ready? Set? Write your novel in 140 characters or less (including the appropriate hashtags to notify agents you’re in the contest). Oh, and go. Just when I thought the query was hard I ran into this lovely little contest on Twitter. Needless to say, I’m participating.

The whole premise of #SFFpit is to essentially grab the attention of onlooking agents (eeek). Ran by the lovely Dan Korboldt, agents monitor twitter feeds from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST on June 18th. Any post marked with the appropriate hashtags, i.e. #NA for New Adult, #FA for Fantasy, #UF for Urban Fantasy and so on and so forth, is automatically entered into the pitching contest (for exact rules and regulations, click here).

And then, writers FIGHT TO THE DEATH to show off their awesome skills. Just kidding, though part of me thinks that might be a tad easier.

So far, I have seven teasers. Since I can post to twitter twice per hour for the contest, I can have up to 24 potential teasers. 24! I can’t even come up with 10! In the very least, I need 12 – one per hour. I have no doubts that I will actually come up with 12, I just fear for the sake of my fingers as I nervously chew on my cuticles.

I’m not worried about the prerequisites, I already have met all those requirements. It’s just that 140 CHARACTERS is insane. And they strongly suggest against using text speak (2 bad 4 me – who am I kidding, I’m horrid at text speak. It takes too much time.).

Honestly, even if I don’t grab the attention of an agent, I’m really excited about this. Sometimes I feel like a stranger on an island without even Wilson to keep my company. I’d jump at the opportunity to work with other writers, to pick their brains, share woes and moments of joy – anything and everything. We’re all going through the same struggle. So in the very least, I hope to gain some insight from some fellow authors.

Of course, I’ll be quick to update once June 18th passes with my experience in Twitter pitching.