Welcome to the first author interview on my site! Most of my previous blogs have been about craft or my personal experience, but I’m a firm believer in learning from others. If anything, hopefully these interviews will inspire you and encourage you to keep chasing after your writing dreams. For this author interview, I’ll be chatting with B.P. Donigan about her upcoming release, Fate Forged.

Introducing B.P. Donigan

B.P. Donigan HeadshotB.P. Donigan was born and raised in Wasilla, Alaska (which would later become famous thanks to one infamous politician who could see Russian from her house, but at the time was about as rural as you can get).

She attended college in rural Idaho earning a degree in Print Journalism, and then not-so-rural Utah earning a degree in Marketing, and finally moved to very-not-rural Boston where she lived and worked for ten years. After paying her dues to the Extreme Winters, she resides now in sunny California, with her two kids, two fish, two dogs… and one amazing husband. Like any good superhero she spends her daytime building her cover story behind a desk, and her nights saving the world (on paper, at least).

Thanks for joining us, B.P. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about Fate Forged?

Fate Forged is about a woman who accidentally ends up as the key to all of Earth’s untapped magic. She’s targeted powerful enemies in the middle of a magic civil war. They’ll kill her to get the uncontrollable powers she inherited, so she’s forced to strike a deal with an untrustworthy ally who has a long-shot plan to get rid of her magic.

If you were speaking to someone who hasn’t read your writing before, why should they want to read Fate Forged?

Great question! The book can best be described as Epic Urban Fantasy. Fate Forged is a fast-paced thriller wrapped in magic. If you enjoy strong female protagonists who aren’t invincible, and a healthy splash of realistic romance, then you’d probably like Fate Forged.

Well, I’m all about ANYTHING with magic and romance! Did anything from your real life influence your book at all?

Definitely! I grew up in Alaska, which is where my characters go to search for a Fate who can remove the uncontrollable magic powers from my main character. They hike over a glacier and to the top of a mountain in a re-creation of a three-day hike I did when I was a teenager. (I wasn’t chased by demon dogs at the time, but otherwise it’s the same hike.) The locations, and even the hiker’s huts where they stop over, are all real places. Also, the book starts out in Boston where I lived for a decade after college, and I mention Davis Square and a fortune cookie factory, which are real places that are near and dear to my heart. I had a lot of fun putting my favorite places into my story.

That’s the great thing about Urban Fantasy. You get to incorporate your favorite places and add magic! Did anything change significantly in your book during the writing or editing process?

Yes! Many of the character’s names changed, and the title of Fate Forged used to be The Lost Sect, which I liked, but the publisher didn’t think had enough depth. After some soul searching, I decided “Fate” was a thread that will reach across the entire series, and then I attempted to find a title with the word Fate that didn’t sound like a romance novel! To make it all cohesive, I ended up coming up with titles for the first three books (as well as the Series Title) so the extra effort was worth it.

Ah, yes. Changes. I also altered character names and my title. It’s part of the process! Speaking of process… are you a plotter or a pantser?

Plotter all the way. I’m always looking for better ways to plan out the plot, the characters and pacing. For me, it’s so much easier to write creatively if I know the bones of the story are solid.

I’ve come around to the plotting side of things. I used to be strictly a pantser, but there’s a lot that goes into plotting a series over the course of several books! With that in mind, what are you working on now?

I’m working on book two in the Bound Magic Series, which is tentatively titled Fate Changed. Although the main characters overcome a lot of challenges in Fate Forged, there are still some people who need to be stopped, and the fate of Earth’s magic hangs in the balance in a new way.

Exciting! Okay, final question: What are you currently reading?

Ilona Andrews series finale to Kate Daniels: Magic Triumphs.

Curraaannnnn! Can’t go wrong there. Thanks so much for taking the time to join us, B.P., and best of luck in your writing endeavors!

B.P. Donigan BookInterested in learning more about Fate Forged? Here’s the blurb:

Growing up on the streets of Boston, Maeve O’Neill learned to rely only on herself. Paying bills isn’t glamorous, but her life is on a better track—until she starts having agonizing visions of torture. Desperate to rid herself of the paralyzing episodes, she follows her visions to the scene of a murder. Instead of answers, she gets an unexpected gift from the victim: Magic.

With the unwanted power, Maeve becomes the access point to all of Earth’s untapped magic. Now, powerful enemies are after her and staying alive means striking a bargain with an untrustworthy ally with a long-shot plan. Maeve has to keep the magic in check until she can get rid of it, but her control is slipping and everything could go wrong. If the plan fails, her unlikely ally betrays her, or her enemies catch her, she’ll be handing over all of Earth’s magic…and her life.

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Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash